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Complexity Explorer Services

Use computational models and advanced analytics to model complex, adaptive systems.

What is it About?

We use visual models, computational models and advanced analytics to help our customers to explore, redesign and transform the complex systems they are concerned with:
  • their enterprises and it's ecosystem
  • business models and markets
  • organisations and IT-systems.

Who we Work For

Our clients are:
  • Executives wanting to use computational models and advanced analytics to make better decisions about the future of their enterprise.
  • Internal business modeling and enterprise analytics departments.
  • Executives wanting to establish an internal modeling practice.

Our Approach

We use state-of-the-art technology to build computational models and analytical apps that help our clients to explore, re-design and transform their business.

What Are The Next Steps?

There are a number of ways you can get to know us:
  • Join our Business Prototyping Toolkit Meetup, where we regularly talk about how to to build and run simulation models using System Dynamics and Agent-based Modeling. Read more …
  • Book a computational modeling workshop. Our computational modeling workshops are designed to provide the jump start you need to become a computational modeling expert or to build an internal computation modeling practice. Read more…
  • Book a complexity exploration lab. The goal of our Complexity Exploration Lab is to build a causal simulation model of your enterprise and its ecosystem, taking a "complex systems approach". Read more…

Our Customers

Toll Collect
Philip Morris International

Our Service Offering

Your Challenge

  • Keep sight of the big picture without getting lost in details
  • See complex situations in their entirety
  • Create a shared understanding of a complex situation
  • Understand how business models and market strategies might develop in the future
  • Our Expertise

  • Computational modeling and simulation
  • Building interactive simulation games
  • System Dynamics and Agent-based Modelling
  • Enterprise analytics platforms (JupyterLab, RapidMiner, Wolfram Mathematica)
  • Business Prototyping Toolkit for Python (BPTK-Py)
  • Our Services


  • Set up an internal computational modeling practice
  • Make better decisions in complex situations
  • Design an enterprise digital twin
  • Engineering

  • Develop computational models and simulations
  • Develop an enterprise digital twin
  • Develop web-based business simulations
  • Extended Workbench

  • Management Scientists
  • Computational Modellers
  • Workshop

  • Supply Chain Analytics and the Beer Game
  • Simulating Business Models and Market Strategies with BPTK
  • Our "Business Prototyping" Approach is Collaborative, Agile And Scalable

    Business prototyping is about experimenting with new ideas and strategies in a risk free environment: to do this, we first build a "prototype" or "enterprise" digital twin" of your enterprise and its ecosystem.
    We then use that prototype to explore the consequences of new business ideas, strategies and designs before realising them in practice.
    Because all assumptions are encoded in the model and relevant data can be ingested in near real-time, our prototypes can be used to explore alternative scenarios on the fly and make automated decisions in real-time.
    Our approach ensures that all stakeholders are involved right from the beginning: we start small, iterate fast and deliver results quickly.

    Why Business Prototyping is Useful

    Business prototyping is useful because it lets you capture complex situations in their entirety, using the right mix of qualitative and quantitative models. You can then use those models to experiment with new ideas and strategies.

    Check Out Our Work

    Exciting projects that illustrate our work.

    Our Partners

    We have long standing partnerships with makers of tools for enterprise architecture, transformation management and enterprise analytics.

    Get In Touch

    Oliver Grasl

    Managing Director
    Please get in touch with Oliver to discuss ideas of how we can help you explore your complex business ecosystem.


    Upcoming Events

    beer gameBPTKSimulationPythonJupyterAdvanced AnalyticsReinforcement Learning
    Training AI to Play The Beer Distribution Game

    Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 2 hours - English

    How to use a simulation model to train AI to play the beer game, using BPTK and a reinforcement learning approach.
    BPTKPSFBusiness SimulationBusiness PrototypingGrowth Strategy
    Modeling Growth Strategies For Professional Service Firms

    Thursday, January 27, 2022 - 2 hours - English

    In this meetup, we will tackle the problem of modeling growth strategies for professional service firms from a computational perspective, using the Business Prototyping Toolkit.
    bptkReinforcement LearningSimulation ModelsPythonJupyterSystem Dynamics
    Introduction to Dynamic Modeling With BPTK

    Wednesday, May 18, 2022 - 18 hours - English

    Learn how to build System Dynamics and agent-based simulation models using BPTK.

    Featured Blog Posts

    Read our featured blog posts and stay up to date with new technologies and best practices.
    BPTKJupyterPythonSystem Dynamics
    A Simple Python Library For System Dynamics

    Oliver Grasl - Monday, October 1, 2018

    Building System Dynamics simulations interactively in Jupyter using Python
    BPTKSystem Dynamics PythonJupyter
    COVID-19 And The SIR Model

    Stefanie Schröck - Saturday, April 4, 2020

    Exploring the COVID-19 pandemic using a simulation based on the SIR model
    Advanced Analytics Agent Based ModelingBeer GameBPTKJupyterPythonSystem Dynamics
    Training Artificial Intelligence to Play The Beer Game

    Oliver Grasl - Sunday, May 31, 2020

    A brief introduction to agent-based modeling and reinforcement learning, illustrated using the Beer Game.

    Further Resources

    Exciting case studies, interesting tutorials and useful toolkits.
    Business Prototyping Toolkit
    The Business Prototyping Toolkit for Python (BPTK-Py) provides you with a framework to build and run simulation models using System Dynamics and/or agent-based modeling.
    Introduction to System Dynamics
    Systems are pervasive – we humans live and work within social systems, and we are constantly creating new technical systems. Systems thinking provides a holistic perspective on reality that sharpens awareness of wholes and of how the parts within those wholes interrelate, System Dynamics provides a concrete set of tools for studying systems.

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