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Digital Transformer Services

Are you planning to perform a digital transformation in your enterprise or do you need assistance while driving it forward? We can help you out!

What is it About?

The digital transformation of an enterprise takes place at different levels. It is not just about technology, it is about radically rethinking your products and services using technology as an enabler. We help our clients explore the potential of new technologies and to master the complexity of the ensuing transformation.

Who is it For?

Whether you are a C-level manager or in any other position in charge of a transformation process in your enterprise, you are at the right spot!
Together, we will clarify your vision of where you would like to be and work out the implications on your business, operations and IT-landscape.

How do we do it?

By providing our Enterprise Architecture and Transformation Services and using our expertise in architecture-centric transformation methodology as well as our broad knowledge of the state of the art enterprise architecture tools and standards we have been successfully managing complex digital transformation projects with many of our customers. Below you can read more about our approach.

What Should I do Next?

Get in touch with us for any further information and learn more about you digital transformation. We are happy to give you the first direction on your digitization journey!

Our Customers

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Our Service Offering

Your Challenge

  • Keep sight of the big picture without getting lost in details
  • Design digital business models, products and services
  • Transform business models and the organisation and IT supporting them
  • Master the complexity of enterprise transformation
  • Explore the potential of new technologies
  • Choose appropriate (IT-)suppliers
  • Choose an appropriate (information-)technology
  • Our Expertise

  • Blueprints and patterns for adaptive enterprises
  • Analytics-driven and architecture-centric transformation methodology
  • Enterprise modeling using ArchiMate, BPMN, DMN and UML
  • TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework)
  • Agile methodology (Scrum, SAFe)
  • Project management (Prince, PMBOK)
  • Business transformation platforms (BizzDesign, Signavio, Sparx Systems)
  • Facilitating large workshops, both online and offline
  • Conducting and presenting feasibility studies
  • Managing teams of internal and external experts with diverse backgrounds
  • Our Services


  • Set up an internal transformation management capability
  • Set up an internal enterprise architecture practice
  • Digitize a business model or process
  • Develop a digitization strategy
  • Design business processes and specify IT systems
  • Design a solution architecture
  • Ensure organisational readiness and plan transition
  • Conduct a feasibility study
  • Blueprint the architecture of an enterprise
  • Develop a transformation strategy
  • Manage a transformation programme
  • Engineering

  • Generate architectural overviews, specifications and progress reports from models
  • Extended Workbench

  • Project and Transformation Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Workshop

  • Transformation Design Sprint
  • Master Transformation Complexity
  • Our Approach is Agile, Scalable, Collaborative And we Support The Entire Transformation Process

    We involve all stakeholders, start small, iterate fast and deliver results quickly.
    We support the entire transformation process, from early ideation to the launch of new products, services and IT systems throughout your enterprise and markets.

    Check Out Our Work

    Exciting projects that illustrate our work.

    Our Partners

    We have long standing partnerships with makers of tools for enterprise architecture, transformation management and enterprise analytics.

    Start Transforming With us

    We love discussing and thinking through transformation challenges and there are many opportunities to get to know us. We will be very happy to learn about YOUR challenge!

    Get In Touch

    Ognjen Manojlovic

    Principal Consultant
    Please contact Ognjen to discuss how we can help you to master your digital transformation program.


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    Exciting case studies, interesting tutorials and useful toolkits.
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